Send Me Your Favorite Pie Recipes!

Yesterday I received an invitation in my inbox from Farm Flavor to join their group board on Pinterest, “Favorite Holiday Recipes”, and pin some pie recipes from my blog. If you’re not familiar with Farm Flavor, they feature recipes in their magazines and on their websites, with a goal of educating readers by connecting food and farm. Their publications include Tennessee Home & Farm, My Indiana Home, and Illinois Partners.

That got me thinking about sharing pie recipes -- specifically, you sharing your recipes with me. And with the other person who reads my blog. (Thanks, Mom.)

So, I want your favorite pie recipes. They don’t have to be for the holidays, or for Sunday. Any day of the week or time of year will do. And they don't have to be only dessert pies. Savory pies are certainly warranted, and I'll take any recipe with "pie" in the name. (Unless it's for a mud pie that actually contains mud. I'll leave that pie-making to my kids.) Be sure to include the type of crust used or a recipe for it.

It doesn’t matter how you got the recipes, whether you developed them yourself, received them from a friend, found them in a cookbook or online, or used a very old-fashioned method -- clipping them from the pages of a magazine or newspaper. Just give credit to the source if you can, and if you made any changes to the recipe, as Evelyn Birkby says, I want the changes. Give me the recipe the way you make it.

I will try to make some of the pies eventually and feature them here on Pie on Sunday. To get your recipes to me, you have two options:

·        Post the recipe(s) in a comment at the bottom of this post. (Please post a new comment for each recipe.)

·        Email the recipe(s) to me at: pieonsunday@gmail.com.

I can’t wait to get your recipes! And if you get a chance, stop in at Farm Flavor’s website (they have a ton of great recipes, among other things) or check out all the recipe pins from various food bloggers on their “Favorite Holiday Recipes” board on Pinterest.

Yours in pie,



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